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Dartmoor Prison Museum

Museums have always been the symbolic representation of culture and society. This Prison museum is unique because it tells a different story. The Museum tells a story of war, Prisoners, punishment and reform. This Museum of Prince town traces the journey of Dartmoor Prison since its inception in 1809. It was in this year that the first lot of prisoners came, French and American. There after began the journey of Dartmoor Prison that has the reputation of imprisoning convicts of highest order.

Dartmoor Prison is functional even today, though now it's used for rehabilitation and education purposes. A trip to this museum is very fascinating because it gives us a glimpse of the darker side of society. You will also find details about important prisoners and a peep into their story. A trip to Dartmoor Prison Museum is surely a different experience.

Tel: 01837 52295
Website: www.dartmoor-prison.co.uk

Follow the steps of the Pilgrim Fathers

Each Thanksgiving, Americans are invited to join the people of Plymouth in celebration. The stars and stripes are raised, turkeys are roasted and thanksgiving parades are held in the streets. There is even a ceremony in St Andrews ' Church in the Barbican. Why? Because in September 1620, the Mayflower set sail for America, carrying the very first European settlers. Visit Plymouth and you can retrace their steps. The Pilgrims arrived in Plymouth on the Speedwell, but the ship was deteriorating rapidly, and they were forced to disembark. They are said to have stayed overnight at the Black Friars Distillery , in the Barbican. They could have eaten freshly-baked bread from Jacka's , the bakery nearby! Finally, on the 6 th September the Pilgrims stood, with about 50 additional passengers, on the Mayflower Steps . They were waiting to board the Mayflower, the ship which would carry them all to the New World.

The South Devon Steam Railway

The South Devon Steam Railway is a registered Charity which operates a Standard Gauge Railway between Buckfastleigh and Totnes in South Devon, England beside the fast flowing river Dart. The line was built by the South Devon Railway and first opened on 1st May 1872. It was taken over by the Great Western Railway in 1876. The line closed to all traffic on 7th September 1962 and was re-opened as a preserved steam line on 5th April 1969.

The South Devon Railway Trust took over the running of the line on 1st January 1991. There are a number of steam locomotives and privately owned diesels, together with some historic rolling stock. Well worth a visit, this popular attraction organises a number of events, from "Thomas the Tank Engine" days, to "Steam Extravaganza's, "Santa by Steam" "Carols down the line" and more. Also available for private functions. Please visit the website for more information.

Website: www.southdevonrailway.org

Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery

Plymouth city Museum has a huge collection of such varied items that will leave you completely in awe. One section of the Museum is totally devoted to Archaeology where the objects that have been dug from Plymouth and neighbouring areas. They have displayed objects representative of Iron Age, Medieval Age, Mediterranean and ancient Egyptian culture. There is so much to learn about various lost cultures and eras, Plymouth museum also has a huge display of live insects, plants, birds and animals.

A noted collection in this category is "Marine Fauna Spirit Collection". It has almost 3000 marine animals collected by Thomas Bruges Flower. Plymouth Museum has beautifully displayed the Social History of people. While you take a trip through this section, you can actually live those times with live presentations of various facets of their life. The museum doubles up as an Art gallery with exquisite collection of Fine Art and decorative Art.

Tel: 01752 304 774
Website: www.plymouthmuseum.gov.uk

Morwellham Quay Museum

This museum located in Morwellham has won many awards for it's society and culture of past times. Re-live the social life and history of mine workers around the River Tamar. The location of the museum itself is very scenic, set amidst Tamar Valley and cliffs, you are instantly transported to another world. Here in the museum they have a very interesting concept.

They have costumes of that era, apart from seeing the originals, you can actually wear the duplicate costumes and roam around replicas of mines, farms and houses created to give you a feel of those times. You can have fun role playing with your family. If you want to feel the real thrill of mines then take a tour to the under ground copper mine. The staff at this Museum are well informed to quench your thirst for knowledge. You will come out of this Museum entertained and informed.

Tel: 01822 832 766
Website: www.morwellham-quay.co.uk

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