English Riviera Towns & Villages

English Riviera Towns & Villages

English Riviera Towns & Villages


Torquay has been one of the UK 's top holiday destinations since Victorian Times when the gentry promenaded, bathing huts were wheeled down to the beaches and anyone who was anyone had an attractive villa overlooking the sea.

It was the Victorians who first used the English Riviera name to describe their favourite resort and their legacy remains to this day with sparkling white villas perched on the verdant hilltops, beautiful gardens around the seafront and elegant Victorian facades along the main streets.

Don't be fooled by the Victorian ancestry however, Torquay is also a vibrant and forward thinking resort attracting visitors of all interests, from Art and Culture afficionados to marine enthusiasts.

Torquay's famous seven hills provide the backdrop to a waterfront scene that matches anything you'll find on the French Riviera.


Families have been visiting Paignton for generations enjoying a traditional English seaside resort. Peaking in the early 1970's today’s baby boomers still bring their children back year after year. Paignton has been around since the Domesday book and before, but it wasn't until the Victorians discovered the Devon coastline that serious developments occurred. Not much has changed in natural terms and the pleasures of Paignton remain much the same. Building sand castles, rich Devon ice creams, frolicking in the shallow and safe waters of the local beaches, visiting the world famous conservation Zoo and spending a few coins in those amusement arcades! The harbour is still a small local and attractive place to stroll, with Fairy cove to be found just over the harbour wall.

Further around the coast is Goodrington with its water park, seafront pub, greens and great beaches. Further on around the coastal walk is Three beaches and Broadsands, Elberry cove and Churston (see below). We have our own Paignton website. Please click the link to see more.


Brixham is primarily a fishing port within Torbay that has a long and rich history, in the lee of Berry Head, famous for its Napoleonic connections, and its lighthouse and magnificent limestone cliffs, Brixham remains a popular resort that has plenty of activities for the young and old alike, so take a short drive from Dartmouth to reach the harbour area of Brixham and enjoy a day out in this old fishing town.

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