English Riviera Geopark

English Riviera Geopark

 A Geopark is a location with a significant geological heritage, but also develops a local strategy for the  promotion and development of this heritage to ther benefit of the local community.

The development and promotion of a Geopark encompasses many different organisations and brings together communities to develop and engage with these businesses and government institutions. For example, the Geopark is useful as a tourism attraction, but by its very nature is of great scientific interest and attracts schools, Universities and scientific institutes.

Geoparks encourage the local councils and organisations to develop an increase in interest through Geo-Tourism, create information centres, provide educational materials, organise local conferences and seminars.

Attracting visitors to a location, especially one already establised in tourism, such as the English Riviera helps diversify its reliance on a particular demographic and assist in developing a new opportunity for increasing local income and expertise.

The Geopark Strategy is a European innovation, which determines that a Geopark must have clearly defined boundary and sufficient surface area for true territorial economic development. A European Geopark must also have a direct impact on the location by "influencing its inhabitants’ living conditions and environment". The objective is to enable the inhabitants to reappropriate the values of the territory’s heritage and actively participate in the territory’s cultural revitalization as a whole.

Within the English Riviera Geopark a total of 15 GCR sites are recognised within 4 Global Geosite Framework categories.

1.Devon (marine) carbonates and clastics
2.Permian-Triassic red-bed sequence
3.Late Pleistocene interglacial/glacial, cave/beach sediments
4.Late Pleistocene Interglacial raised beaches (southern England, Cornwall, South Wales)

To see a more descriptive local geologist standpoint please visit our Paignton website

There are other areas within the English Riviera (Torbay) that are of significant importance but not inlcluded within this framework and are worth a mention. Kents Cavern for its ancient human inhabitation, Hopes Nose and the local mineral and rock sources (Torquay through Oddicombe and Brixham) which were used for quarrying.

Local GeoPark Locations

Babbacombe Cliffs
Barcombe Mews Quarry, Shorton
Barton Quarry
Berry Head to Sharkham point
Black Head and Anstey's Cove
Breakwater Quarry, Brixham
Brokenbury Quarry, Churston Ferrers
Brixham Cavern
Chapel Hill, Torre
Churston Cove / Churston Point
Crystal Cove
Dyers Quarry
Goodrington Quarry and Road Cutting
Hollicombe Head to Corbyns Head
Hopes Nose: Marine Devonian
Hopes Nose: Mineralogy of SW England
Hopes Nose and Thatcher Rock: Quaternary of SW England
Hopes Nose South
Kents Cavern
Long Quarry
Lummaton Quarry
Meadfoot Sea Rd
New Cut
Petitor, Maidencombe
Quarry Woods Quarry, Cockington
Roundham Head
Saltern Cove: Marine Devonian
Saltern Cove: Permian Triassic
Sharkham Iron Mine

To see more on the English Riviera Geopark please click here.

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Aside from The English Riviera GeoPark this is a list of other approved Geoparks.

Geopark English Riviera
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15 North West Highlands Geopark UK
16 Swabian Albs Geopark GERMANY
17 Geopark Harz . Braunschweiger Land Ostfalen GERMANY
18 Hateg Country Dinosaurs Geopark ROMANIA
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26 Gea Norvegica Geopark NORWAY
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29 English Riviera Geopark UK
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31 GeoMôn GeoPark WALES - UK
32 Arouca Geopark PORTUGAL
33 Geopark Shetland SCOTLAND - UK
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  • hopes nose
  • Saltern Cove
  • Oddicombe
  • Long Quarry

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