Torre Abbey Historic House and Gallery

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Torre Abbey Historic House and Gallery
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United Kingdom

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Step through the ancient doors of Torre Abbey and uncover the story of one of the southwest?s most fascinating restoration projects. Be among the first to explore the newly-restored ancient undercrofts of the Abbey, built in 1196 for the "White Canons", named for their distinctive white habits.

The austere lives of the canons were in contrast to their great wealth, gained from taxes or 'tithes' in the form of grain and other produce from the Abbey's vast lands. The Tithe Barn became known as the Spanish Barn after it served as a prison for 400 sailors captured from the Spanish Armada.

Browse through the later rooms of the Abbey, added by the Cary family who lived there for over 300 years. These now feature an impressive art collection, one of the largest in Devon, visiting exhibitions and a new brass-rubbing centre.

Throughout the ages Torre Abbey has welcomed many thousands of visitors: weary travellers cared for by the canons, aristocrats and naval officers hosted by the Carys and Olympic hopefuls attending the 1947 sailing events in the bay. The Abbey re-opens its doors in July 2008 and once again offers the warmest of welcomes to its visitors.

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