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Barometer World
Quicksilver Barn
Merton, Okehampton
EX20 3DS

Tel: +44 (0) 1805 603 443


If you are looking for a place that is truly distinctive and has something unique to tell then you must surely visit The Barometer World Museum in Quicksilver Barn, Merton Okehampton.

This museum is one of a kind, exclusively barometer museum with more than 300 barometers on display including the antique barometers. You will find barometers of all kinds and all times, be it table barometer or contra barometer or a ship barometer, it is a fascinating world of Barometers!

As a layman barometer for us is simply an instrument to measure changes in atmospheric pressure. But when you come here you will fall in love with this instrument listening to stories of how it was first built and continuously improved upon, the stories in history as to where it was used and how and many more scientific – historical fables.

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